Chiropractic Testimonials

"Before I came to Morton Chiropractic Clinic, I had pain in my lower back when bending. The pain had also radiated to my neck, I could not even stand straight. The pain was excruciating. The symptoms I was experiencing were so bad I could hardly stand, walk or move. The symptoms started on a holiday weekend which was even worse.

After a series of treatments from Dr. Clay, I was feeling great! The best thing is all of the correction was accomplished without medication. After my first adjustment I was able to stand straight when I walked out of the clinic! I am able to do all of my normal daily activities now!"

"Before I came to Morton Chiropractic Clinic, my symptoms were severe low back pain. I was unable to function and do my daily activities. The pain was some of the worse pain I had ever had. I went to a medical doctor and he gave me medication which did not help my pain at all. Some friends suggested that I make an appointment with Morton Chiropractic and within a few visits I was amazed by how much better I was feeling!

After a series of treatments with Dr. Clay, my back pain is gone and I am able to do things with my kids and outdoor activities. I feel like I’m 20 years old again!"

"Before I started coming to Morton Chiropractic I was pulling my back out regularly and could hardly walk. Some days I would be okay and other days I could not even stand due to lower back and sometimes neck pain. My neck was always stiff, sore and burning by the end of each day. It was hard to function daily. I had to get my family to help me complete daily chores. I simply felt helpless.

After a series of treatments with Dr. Clay, my symptoms are much better. I have not had any back or neck pains and I am working on the exercises daily that Dr. Clay suggested for me to strengthen my back and neck. I feel stronger and healthier each day. Most importantly I am able to do my daily activities without asking someone for help. I am even able to go skating with my daughter!"

"Before I came to Morton Chiropractic Clinic, I constantly had ongoing back, knee and ankle problems that were a bother on a daily basis. The symptoms made me always feel uncomfortable and achy.

After a series of treatments with Dr. Clay, I feel so much better and I am able to be more active in life. I enjoy playing with my child and not having to stop because I’m hurting. The symptoms are completely gone! Dr. Clay gave me exercises to work on and help strengthen my problem areas."

"Before I came to Morton Chiropractic Clinic, I was experiencing low back pain from lifting, snatches, cleans, squatting and deadlifts while working out (crossfit). The symptoms were painful and I was unable to finish my workouts. I was loosing sleep at night and it was hard to sit for long periods of time.

After a series of treatments with Dr. Clay, I was feeling great. I had no pain with very little soreness. I was able to complete my workouts and able to lift heavier weights. And I had no pain while sleeping."

"Before I came to Morton Chiropractic Clinic, my left shoulder, latismuss muscle and neck were extremely sore. I couldn’t use my full range of motion of my left arm. I couldn’t’ raise my left arm above shoulder level without assistance. Also my left knee felt swollen and sore. I was very aggravated that I could not lift my arm because I could not perform normal everyday functions such as taking off a shirt or drying my hair. I sometimes limped when I walked because my left knee was hurting so bad.

After a series of treatments with Dr. Clay, I feel fine now! My latismuss muscle and arm are back to normal. I don’t have to be nervous when I lift and work out that it’s going to hurt. My left knee feels sore at times, but I do the proper stretching techniques I was taught by Dr. Clay to keep in check. I can perform my everyday normal activities like I use to! I can also work out (crossfit) and lift heavy again without being sore all the time!"


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